Our team of experienced accounting and financial professionals offers our clients a wealth of proficiency and understanding across a broad range of industries and services. We have a high level of expertise in the industries featured below, achieved through working with the numerous clients we serve. We are committed to the success of our clients and work hard to ensure they achieve their financial long-term goals.


Serving thousands of individual clients over decades, we specialize in all individual accounting, audit, and tax-related matters, including income tax planning, income tax projections, and individual income tax return preparation. We represent our clients before the Internal Revenue Service and various state taxing authorities, helping our clients settle tax disputes. In addition to minimizing or deferring our clients’ income tax liabilities, we provide estate tax planning services, personal financial planning, retirement planning, and investigative accounting pursuant to litigation.




Serving manufacturers and distributors of all sizes, we understand the issues inherent to this industry and closely follow developing trends. We validate internal controls, cost management, and financial reporting, while evaluating the return on investments in process engineering and production. We work with our clients to hone in on their organization, operations, and specific business needs. We work with many sectors within the manufacturing and distribution realm and offer an extensive suite of assurance, tax, and advisory services which we tailor to accommodate our clients’ industry- and business-specific requirements.



Consumer Businesses & Hospitality

Consumer and hospitality businesses focus on providing superior customer service and offering a sufficient assortment of quality products that are competitively priced. However, the landscape of these industries is rapidly evolving, constantly presenting new challenges. Through our expertise and knowledge, we are able to apply strategic advantages and overcome the obstacles our clients face. In addition to providing traditional tax, accounting and assurance services, we also provide sales and property tax services, forensic services, valuation and risk services, and human resource consulting. 



Emerging Companies

Emerging companies often face unique and challenging financial decisions. Establishing a solid accounting foundation is essential to achieve financial management, secure financial backing, and scale operations. We serve companies through the entire business life cycle, from establishment to IPO. We help our clients with their operations, finances, structure, and cost efficiency. As our clients’ business grow, our services grow with them accordingly. We help our clients select the appropriate entity and capital structure, manage cash flow, create budget and financial projections, forecast and manage taxes, establish revenue recognition procedures, develop internal controls, and prepare financial statements and tax returns.




We recognize the growing need for entities within the energy industry to have a team of advisors with a thorough understanding of the industry and its challenges, trends, and opportunities. Adapting to increased regulatory requirements, industry consolidations, and market fluctuations requires agility and innovative thinking. Our Energy service professionals have experience working with new and traditional energy companies and possess the industry understanding to help our clients. We provide strategic and operational guidance in tax planning, capital investments, regulatory compliance, and financial reporting requirements.



Family Office & High Net Worth

We have vast expertise working with individuals and families with complex planning needs. Our private clients are served by a team that takes a comprehensive view of their families, interests, and wealth. We work with our clients to build, manage, and transition their wealth to younger generations, explore charitable giving and other ways to create legacies, realize their key retirement objectives, and live a life full of rich experiences. Together, we establish a thoughtful and thorough plan that can help them live the lives they envision.



Financial Services

Financial institutions must navigate a tangle of regulations and to adapt to extensive changes that have yet to be implemented. Financial institutions must also stay abreast of changes from the Financial Accounting Standards Board, SEC, and IRS, each of which is continually proposing and implementing new requirements and adding wrinkles to the financial reporting process. We have the expertise to help our clients navigate these challenges, reduce risk, and take advantage of key opportunities for growth. We offer solutions designed to strengthen financial results, streamline operations, manage personnel, and create strategies for success.



Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are accountable to donors, oversight agencies, and those they serve. Many of these organizations, while focusing on their operation and achieving their goals, are at risk of overlooking opportunities to improve their financial and operational procedures. We help nonprofits find and maximize these opportunities. We service a wide array of foundations, including community, corporate, family, grant-making, and hospital. Because we provide a customized combination of assurance, tax, consulting, and compliance services, our nonprofit clients are able to focus on the good work that they do.

Real Estate

We have worked with real estate companies for decades serving owners, developers, operators, funds, trusts and investors. We offer a broad range of accounting, audit, and tax services to provide quality information to allow stakeholders, investors, and others to make smart business decisions while maximizing operating income and asset values. Our real estate practice is built on an integrated platform of tax, assurance, and advisory services, and our dedicated professionals come from practice groups across the firm.



Technology, Media & Telecommunication

Technology, media, and telecommunication companies require deep industry experience and a strong commitment to providing timely, value-added services that go beyond the basics. We offer our diverse clients comprehensive solutions to address their most pressing business challenges at every stage of growth, including development, funding, commercialization, expansion, M&A, and exit. In this dynamic industry, we stay ahead of the game.