Your Career at EMCA


As an accountant at our firm you will have the opportunity to serve diverse business and personal clients, gain deep insight into how corporate, financial, and governmental institutions operate, and enjoy a community unique among premier boutique U.S. accounting firms.


Eshel, Aminov & Partners attracts bright, intelligent candidates who thrive in a dynamic environment that respects individuality and rewards excellence. Working alongside highly skilled colleagues, managers and partners, you will help craft innovative solutions for our clients and gain more authority and influence as your career advances and evolves.



I enjoy the fact that my role allows me to interact with our clients and work closely with our partners, and I learn something new every day! What I like best about being part of Eshel & Aminov is the professional growth I am experiencing. It is also a joy to work with extraordinary people.


Eshel & Aminov truly is a meritocracy. Our culture recognizes hard work and dedication and, because of that, attracts a diverse mix of talented people. Working at the firm has afforded me the opportunity to grow my career in unexpected, challenging and rewarding ways.

You will be exposed to the complex, intellectually challenging issues that our clients regularly present to us. Since you will be an essential part of a small, tightly knit team, you will be immersed in all aspects of advising clients right off the bat.